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  • BUSINESS REGISTRATION ORDINANCE (21/03/2018 ~ 20/03/2019)

    BUSINESS REGISTRATION ORDINANCE (21/03/2018 ~ 20/03/2019)

    2018-03-21 [ Latest News ]

    The latest Business Registration Ordinance of ROSA GRADE INT'L(H.K.) CO.,LTD. as below: 


  • 3D Digital Printing

    3D Digital Printing

    2016-03-15 [ Latest News ]

    Digital Printing(DTG), Printing is performed using digital technology. The DTG Printing Advantage:1. Fast response2. Cost reduction3. Proofing effect consistency  4. Wide range of applicationThe DTG Printing Thermal Transfer Basic Features:1. Does not require expensive cost of the sample, just send the favourite patter to our master to adjust for transfer.  2. No need more process, usually 2-3 days for sample making. 3. The number of colors are unlimited and the color patterns make fuller delicate. 4. All of materials were used environmental prote......


  • A Customized Wedding

    A Customized Wedding

    2016-03-01 [ Latest News ]

    The interstellar of journey is a long season,There may be some similarity with our planet,They are breeding new life,You can even feel some ancient marine organisms begin thrive.The exquisite of hand-embroidered beading is quietly climbed the thin of French gauze,The flexible bubbles and colorful coral bloom-derived up from the waist,A full of vitality of new wold  is slowly expanded,Flowing rhythm is full of infinite imagination, Now, you just need to feel the wonderful of new life journey quietly.  ......


  • Holiday Notice - 2016 New Year

    Holiday Notice - 2016 New Year

    2016-02-01 [ Latest News ]

    From: ROSA GRADE INT'L(H.K.)CO.,LIMITEDDate: 1st Feb.,2016Re: Holiday Notice - 2016 New YearPlease be informed that our company will be closed from 2nd Feb.,2016 to 19th Feb.,2016. We will resume business on 20th Feb.,2016. Thank you for your attention!Happy New Year!


  • Kids Wear Video - ROSAGRADE

    Kids Wear Video - ROSAGRADE

    2016-01-17 [ Latest News ]

    Kids Wear Video - ROSA GRADE INT'L(H.K.)CO.,LTD.


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